Georgian student who will work for Facebook : “I’m struggling to be stronger even today than I would be tomorrow”

Georgian student of San Diego State University, who is a third year student of computer engineering, has became a Facebook employee. It is noteworthy that “Facebook” selected Luka among the best 300 students out of 250,000 students and invited him to Silenac Valley in Menlo Park in the summer.

“Doctrina” has interviwed  Luka Lomtadze.

            – First of all, tell us about you.

-I have finished Kutaisi Physical and Mathematical Public School. I started learning programming in fifth grade. After graduation, I became the student of Georgia’s First Cohort of San Diego State University. From the tenth grade I started and launched 8 start-ups, two of them go on working currently. During the last two years I worked in 10 different leading companies and state structures in Georgia. Finally, I have gained a great deal of experience in different areas of development. At present I am at my university campus in California.

-Talk about your profession, advantages, perspectives, shortcomings…

– I like programming, it’s pleasure when you create a new program that can think independently and help people. I believe that today’s life is unimaginable without this field, with the help of programming you can achieve far better results in any activities. I think that this field is now the fastest growing and, therefore, the most advanced one. The shortcomings that I recall, makes this field even more attractive. In order to be a good programmer, it is necessary to constantly develop yourself and to follow on the development of this field. In case of stopping, your knowledge loses its value. But the process of permanent learning and development is a great pleasure for me.

-As we know, you received education abroad. What is the deference between their and our educational systems and what is the advantage of the education got abroad? 

            -I think the main advantage of the education received abroad is the many-year of experience, that is  typical for  foreign educational systems. In addition, I think that the  learning environment  makes a significant impact on the common result.

            -What do you usually do in your free time?

            -I have a lot of hobbies. I am a photographer, traveler, naturalist and a great lover of an extreme adventure. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to think.  Basically, I think about the future and try to plan the path to my goals.

-When I arrived in California, “Facebook” recruiters told me that they were interested in me and invited me to a technical interview. Perhaps, as the results of two technical interviews my application became distinguished as I finished all technical tasks pre-term. One week after the last interview they sent me a contract and I am glad that I will work in the Facebook office in the summer of 2018.

            -What about your future plans?What’s your maximum? What are your fighting for?

            -I have never thought about the maximum of my ability. I am sure I will achieve more by working harder. I’m struggling to be stronger even today than I would be tomorrow. I know that the only thing that restricts me is – time and I do not want to  lose a minute. This fight makes me happy. As for the future, I do not exclude anything, I know I will be there, where it will be needed : from the family superfather to the country’s parliamentary member.



Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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