Alexander Kartveli – World Known Aircraft Designer and Pioneer of American Aviation


“We have achieved to the point when the imagination, reinforced with the science and researches, is the most valuable thing”,- Alexander Kartvelishvili, 1960.

Alexandre Kartvelishvilil, one of the influential aircraft engineers and pioneers in American aviation history, who is known as Aleksandre Kartveli [Georgian], was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in the family of famous lawyer Mikheil Kartvelishvili on September 9, 1896.

He graduated from the gymnasium and the Junkers Military School in Tbilisi. The government of the independent Georgia sent him to France in 2019 for getting education. Kartvelishvili left for France together with his mother, while his father and a sister stayed in Georgia. The departure appeared to be everlasting since Kartvelishvili could not return to Georgia because of the Soviet occupation.

In 1922, after graduating from the Highest School of Aviation in Paris, he began working as a test pilot but was seriously injured during a test flight and his career as a pilot ended. In 1922–1927, he worked at the Louis Blériot Company and designed the Bernard and Ferbois aircraft. In 1927, the aircraft “Bernar-Ferbua V-2”, which was developed with participation of Alexandre Kartvelishvili, hit a world speed record.

Kartveli, together with French engineers, worked on the transatlantic giant 50- passenger aircraft for Paris-New York flights, but it required a lot of money and Kartvelishvili arrived in the US in the hope that there were more resources for development of his talent.

In 1927, American millionaire and aviation Maecenas Charles Levin invited Kartvelishvili to work in New York, and they jointly arranged to build the aircraft “Uncle Sam”.

Emigration was not easy for Kartvelishvili, after the Levin Company was bankrupted, the Georgian inventor remained without a source of income and had to work as a dish or car washer to make money.

Later, in 1931, he met with Tbilisi- born Alexander Severski, president and chief engineer of the company Seversky Aircraft Corporation, whose models became the predecessor of Kartvelishvili’s fighter aircraft. In 1939, the company named was changed to “Republic Aviacorporation” and Alexandre Kartvelishvili was appointed as the vice president and chief engineer of the company.

The “Tbilisian duet” became the main inspirator of American Air Force success during World War II. The most successful result of their joint work is the Republic P-47 “Thunderbolt”, which was one of the major airplanes of the United States Air Force and played a major role in the victory over Germany. The Georgia aviator managed to completely satisfy the requirements of President Roosevelt.

The Georgian engineer has received the US National Medal of Honor for great service in flight and aerospace industry. He was elected as an honorary member of many international aviation societies and the US Academy of Engineering.

Aleksande Kartvelishvili died in New York in 1974. He had not heirs. It is noteworthy that his nephew is a famous painter Dmitri Eristavi.

Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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Georgian startup develops fireproof uniform for firefighters


Elon Musk’s plan to launch a manned mission to land on Mars pushed  the Georgian startuppers to develop a suit for astronauts. While working on the suit, a completely new idea emerged. Vamekh Kherkheulidze and Giorgi Gabarashvili started to produce , high-tech, fire-proof suits for firefighters. interviewed Vamekh Kherkheulidze about the advantages and uniqueness of the product as well as about the future plans of the two startuppers.

As far as we know, you are a doctor, what made you interested in engineering?

I was interested in engineering since my childhood, I wondered how the world worked. I chose medicine because I was attracted to biological engineering and I wanted to study this field well. I worked as a practicing physician in Israel for 2 years. Now I have returned  and I am preparing to get a license. In Israel, I gained courage and decided to set foot in a new world that has always been very attractive to me.

Please, tell us about the Elven Technologies, how and why did you come up with this idea?


This idea has been existed since 2013. The first thought that something like this could happen emerged while working in Israel, where it was very hot in summer. Consequently, I was often worried by the fact that people do not yet have a suit that would cool or warm us. I thought it was easy to make such a suit because the technology already existed. So I decided to try it, and I made the first handcrafted vest. It worked! After that Giorgi (Gabarashvili – technical director / founder) got involved in the case. Giorgi mainly performs electrical and the cooling system related works. We’ve been working so for 1 year, used to contact each other via Skype once a week, and to exchange views. We knew the cooling system would work, but we did not know how to use it.


Then, SpaceX was establishing itself as a market leader and a successful company. Elon Musk announced that the first person would fly to Mars in 2024. That was what motivated us. Many state or private companies are preparing for the Mars mission. However, this includes improving missiles, fuel and living conditions. There is no any private company, working on a Mars space suit. However, it is clear that existing space suits will not take us to Mars. And we came to the idea – let’s create a Mars suit!


Then we launched the learning phase – we were reading everything about space suits, and we found it was not as easy as it seemed. Meanwhile, the startup is business, startup needs to have sales and revenue that need a good business plan. Consequently, we decided to receive the experience by developing the easier suit and to launch the Mars suit later. After much thought, market analysis, talking to potential customers, and most importantly, after we realized the challenges facing fire protection system, we decided that our first product would be a fireman’s suit.

What products are you developing now? Tell us about your products

Currently, we are working on a fireman’s suit, which is equipped with an internal cooling system. Firefighters existed suits are heavy and uncomfortable to use and protect firefighters from direct flames for just a few seconds. Our prototypes are up to eight times  more resistant to the direct flame until the internal temperature of the suit rises, but in this case a cooling system is switched on, which cools the whole body (if needed) as well as the part of the body, where the suit is flared. Accordingly, the firefighter is completely protected from direct flames and overheating, which is one of the main causes of firefighter injuries and deaths.

What materials and technology are used for making your products and what are their benefits?

We will soon begin testing the parts of the suit according to the world standards. It will help our products to enter the global market. The suit consists of two parts: 1. External, fireproof layer, and 2. Cooling system.


According to the current experiments, the fireproof layer protects 8 times better from direct glass and temperature than the suits, which exist in the market today, but in all our tests (fireproof, temperature-resistant, waterproof, bio-resistant) we should have at least 2 times better results than existing suits.


What are your future plans?

Our plans for the nearest future are to finish the work on the suits for firefighters and to start first sales. We are focused on this now.

According to our plans, we will begin our first sales in 2020, and enter the big market in 2021. We are planning a major breakthrough in the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) industry. We plan to enter the American, European and Asian markets, as our product should have a devastating effect on the market.

From 2021, Elven Technologies should have enough revenue to continue working on Mars suits.

In order to achieve this, we need to invest $ 1 million and we are actively working to obtain this amount of money.


As we know, your goal is the first person on Mars to wear a space suit made in Georgia. What have you done in this regard for the time being?

The Mars suit is our nearest, major goal. We plan to finish our work on the Mars suit in 2024-2025. It is possible to fly to Mars once every 2 years. According to Elon Musk’s plan, SpaceX will fly to Mars in 2024, but none of Musk’s projects have been implemented within the first deadline. And the second deadline will be in 2026.

The Mars mission is the most important step in the history of mankind! Mars will be the first planet a human will set foot. We sincerely wish to make contribution to this great goal.

Currently, working on a firefighter’s suit gives us the experience. It involves the technology of a space suit, which is the part of the Mars suit. Consequently, after we finish the work on the firefighter’s suit, we will have done 20-30% of the Mars suit. The next step is Mars.


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17-year-old Georgian pupil claims to be able to control dreams


Alexandre Tektumanidze is a 17-year-old pupil from Tbilisi, who has been famous for his love of technical subjects since childhood. Currently,  he is developing the device, which will enable people to control over their dreams. “Doctrina” has interviewed Alexandre about the innovative idea:

– Tell us about lucid dreams, please and when you got interested in this phenomenon?

– My friend tell me about  lucid dreams when I was the 8th grader.  A lucid dream is a dream in which the sleeper realizes that he’s dreaming and can control it. If we compare an ordinary dream to lucid one, we can say that if in the first case we look at it from a distance, like a film, in case of lucid dreams, we are part of our dream, just like in the video games.

– Currently, you work on the device that will allow us to control our dreams, tell us how will your device work?

– The dream is a good topic to discuss, but we can say briefly that in one of the phases of sleep – REM, humans see the dream. If by using an optimal irritant we inform them that they are sleeping, humans will be able to realize the dreams. Currently, I am conducting research to find optimal irritant and the methods of detecting REM phase.

-I managed to build my first device at on one of the Olympics- “Hackathon”. It was an  unpolished Beta version that was created for the presentation and not for use. And now, I try to make my idea a tangible reality.

– At first glance, you have a rather strange initiative, what is the impression of people when they learn about your project?

-The impressions are usually different. If a person has never seen such a dream so far, it is hard for him to believe that he can realize in the dream that he is dreaming. And for people who have experienced lucid dreaming, this idea is exciting because they know how good they feel in lucid dream.

– And what about your nearest future plans?

– I want to go to the university this year. If everything goes according to my plans, I will study at  Moscow Technical University “МФТИ” from September.  I’m going to graduate with a bachelor’s degree and then continue studying in Europe or America. I have not verified the future field of work since I have to choose between engineering, physics and programming.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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19-year-old Georgian student develops first Georgian AI in medicine  

გეგა თათულიშვილი

Gega Tatulishvili, who has developed the first Georgian artificial intelligence in medicine, is a student of the Business Administration / Finance Faculty at Business and Technology University (BTU). Although he is just 19 years old, he has already managed to become well known to the public for the innovative project. The young inventor spoke about the DigitalMed and his future plans in his interview with “Doctrina”.

– Gega, first of all, what is artificial intelligence, in general?

-The AI –  is an area of study in Computer Science that focuses on creating computer systems that perform tasks that require human intelligence. It should have the ability of solving the problem through its own efforts, without involvement of a human being. Most importantly, it is necessary to have self- improvement skills.

– What is DigitalMed developed by you and why are you interested in medical field?

-DigitalMed is the first Georgian artificial intelligence in medicine that is created with unique algorithms. It has the ability of providing a primary diagnosis and consult the patients about their visits to doctors. Also, it can be used for educational purposes as it combines a great deal of knowledge accumulated in the medical field.

I got interested in medicine at an early age. I have always been interested in the latest researches, trying to read and learn as much as I can and I am glad that I can use this knowledge in practice today.

– What was the way from the idea to the current day and what was the public reaction to the project?

-I have had the idea of implementing the DigitalMed idea for a long time, but it took four-month work to implement the idea. There is a great public interest to the DigitalMed. I have participated in TBC Bank program –  Startupper. I became the winner and I am leaving for Germany to attend the startup conference.

-How the interested persons can use this product and what are your future plans?

-DigitalMed will be available to everyone. It is easy to use is simple and I think a person of any age can use it. The communication language is Georgian and the product makes it possible to analyze the received information. DigatalMed is based on the artificial neuron network and using the neural-visual programming it understands and analyzes what the users are saying.  (Georgian language has a difficult grammar compared to other languages, but I have achieved through enhanced learning that the intelligence analyzes Georgian language.)

As for future plans, we are going to develop and improve the product constantly and this mega data will be processed at the University of Business and Technology.




Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”




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“Learning Multimeters” – invention of Georgian eighth grade students for those who study electronics

„სასწავლო მულტიმეტრი“

The team of five eighth grade students of Komarovi Tbilisi physics and mathematics N199 public school are among the 20 finalists of 2017-2018 Millennium Innovation Competition of the “Millennium Challenge Foundation.” The team presented the project – “Learning Multimeter”.

“Doctrina” has interviewed Iakob Rigvava, one of the members of the team, about the invention.

-Iakob, what is the “learning multimeter?”

-There are electronics courses in our school, where we will learn the basic principles and elements of the electronics. We use „snap circuits” electronic kits in the learning process, but, unfortunately, there  are not good measurement devises for these kits. The available means are not accurate, they have limited range and are quite expensive. Based on it, we decided to develop the device combining a number of more accurate measuring tools.  The main goal was to develop the device that would be make the learning process easier. The device is for students, so it is easy to use and understand, unlike other multimeters, our device is equipped with two voltmeters, two amperometers, oscillograph (a device for observing and writing electrical processes) and signal generator. It has the ability to store and then schedule the data. There are two independent measuring channels, which allow us to measure voltage and power in two different areas of the  circuit. It is controlled by only three buttons and is adjusted to the training kit. The multimeter is built using a modern microcontroller. In addition to the production of equipment for our project, it was necessary to write a special program on the microcontroller and the whole team worked on it.

– What stages did the program underwent until the competition final?

– As you know, Georgia’s Millennium Innovation Competition aims to identify the three best teams of high school students representing innovative projects in the fields of technologies, engineering and natural sciences. Before the final we went two stages – we introduced the idea of ​​our project at the first stage, and then we had the initial presentation of the project to the jury members, for the final stage of the project we received a small grant and bough the necessary details.

– Who are the members of your team?

– We are the five-person team. One of the members of the team working on the project, Giorgi Chkhaidze, worked on the most difficult part of our device and managed the multi-meter to have the function of oscillograph. Our oscillography has 2 independent channels and it is a great opportunity for children to observe, measure and compare different signals. Another member of the team – Nika Svanidze worked mainly on the hardware part of the device, he drew the device’s schemes and helped us to construct the multimeter. The third member of the team – Mari Machaidze worked managed to make easy graphic representation of the collected data. The fourth student involved in the invention – Lela Khokhiashvili took care of the device’s interface.. As for me, I worked on measurement of quantities and data processing. My task was to get maximum accuracy of measurements. Irakli Khokhiashvili, teacher of the electronics courses, leads the team.

– How do you think, what is the future of your project?

-We had an initial presentation of our multimeters at the electronic classes.  We have just 3 pieces of multimeters and we must prepare at least 10 pieces before September. After improvement of some more issues, we are going to introduce the device into the educational process from September.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”


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Young Georgian Inventor against the parking problem


In general, safe movement and parking of vehicles is a complex problem facing all drivers at present time.

Apart from this, there is the problem of garages in Black Sea city of Batumi. After the local government made the decision to prohibit garages there, owners were forced to park their vehicles under the open sky.

Young inventors started taking care of this problem and they achieved a great success.

Mobile  garage – this is a very interesting and innovative project. The Batumian inventors have already patented the project and they are planning to start the mass production in the nearest future.

Time will show whether this invention solves the parking problem in the city or not, however, Giorgi Bobokhidze’s invention has already attracted a great attention and interest of the public.

Giorgi is 23 years old, he is graduated from Technological Faculty of Shota Rustaveli State University. The young inventor got interested in this field and innovative projects since school. Later, he, together with two other students, set up the “creative group” and started working on various scientific projects.

Giorgi is fond of a healthy lifestyle.  He has made triathlon his favorite hobby.

“Doctrina” has interviewed Giorgi Bobokhidze about inspiration of his scientific activity and difficulties in the working process:

-When did you come up with the idea to invent the mobile garage?

-In 2016, I came up with the idea to create any innovative product. The idea was driven by the prohibition of capital garages in the city. Drivers had to park their cars under the open sky. I decided to create a portable garage that would be mobile and would also protect vehicles from atmospheric sediments. In the same year, I patented this idea. As for the work process, we have created the first prototype, which took a lot of time and effort and showed a very successful result.

What difficulties did you face?

-There were a lot of difficulties, because we worked on the product that was unfamiliar and difficult for us. However, we were satisfied with the final result.

Why is your invention unique one?

– The uniqueness of my invention is indefinable for me, as for the author, because it is my first invention. Generally, it’s up to those people, who will get interested in the product and purchase it, to evaluate its uqueness and benefits.

-What about your future plans?

-I am working on a lot of projects, like this one and even, greater than it is. As for the future plans, I intend to make my company more successful.


 Author: Ana Urushadze

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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Georgian Student who Develops Artificial Intelligence

ლევან აბულაძე

Levan Abuladze is the first year student of the Business Administration at the University of Business and Technologies and works on the artificial intelligence project together with the university team. Levan talked about the details of the project and his future plans in an interview with “Doctrina”.

-Levan, what about the project on artificial intelligence you are working on?

– Since September 2017, Rector of Business and Technology University, Mikheil Batiashvili has launched a project aimed at creating an integrated artificial intelligence in education. Mikheil Batiashvili and I continued to work on the project and with the help of HP’s high-tech laboratory, we created artificial intelligence and taught it different business administration. The purpose of intellect was to assist the lecturer. We involved the AI in the learning process, and it has successfully coped with its duties.

-What was  the response to the artificial intelligence created by you?

-In January of 2018, we presented the artificial intelligence to London Education and Technology Exhibition, where it was highly appreciated by experts. This is a long project aimed at maximizing artificial intelligence in human activities. It will simplify education and business activities by interacting with people.

– At this moment there is a great interest and I am creating artificial intelligence for the National Center of Education. The AI enables entrants to obtain information on the exams. At the same time, I am starting to work in a very important field from April. We will develop the artificial intelligence aiming to educate people on medical issues, to introduce a healthy lifestyle and to help in diagnosticating and correct treatment.

-When did you get interested in this field? and why?

– I shave had a great interest in technology from early age. Every day I observed the development process, and I got interested in artificial intelligence and started to study creating it.

Artificial intelligence, this is the technology of the future. In general, when we talk about artificial intelligence, we can consider it as “digital immortality” that gives ideas and knowledge possibility to exist constantly. Nowadays, it can not solve complex issues, but has the ability to solve a particular problem. In fact, artificial intelligence is the future technology of human, which has a great role in the development of humanity.

-What about your future plans?

-As for the future plans, cooperation with TBC Bank is planned. AI will be developed, which will be aware of many financial and business terminologies. It will be able to retrain employees. All this will be a big step forward. In general, I have a desire to introduce artificial intelligence in all areas. I believe that I will contribute to the development of humanity through my work.



Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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Vakhtang Gogokhia – founder of first Georgian cryptocurrency

გოგოხია კრიპტო

Vakhtang Gogokhia is a 29 year old financier who graduated the University of Texas, at the same time, he is the IT-specialist. Vakhtang Gogokhia, together with his friends, has created the first Georgian  cryptocurrency – “Golden Fleece”.

“Doctrina” has interviewed the young  financier about his experience,  cryptocurrency mining and future prospects.

-At what point in your life did you get interested in cryptocurrency mining and who are you team members?

– I started mining with my friend in 2016, at first it was only a hobby for me, but later I decided to make it as business and to attract some capital. For this purpose, we launched „ICO“ and issued own cryptocurrency. The other members of the team are my former colleagues and coursemates, with whom I have a long-term business and personal friendship, some are programmers, some – system administrators, some – business analysts and some -financiers.

– What are the features of the Georgian cryptocurrency (“Golden Fleece”)?

-We use a foreign platform “Etherium”, which is the second most popular network in the world today, after Bitcoin. Consequently, our cryptocurrency has all the features of the leading cryptocurrencies, including the database, where the information about our currency holders is stored, which can not be falsified or the loss of data is practically impossible. Our cryptocurrency can be used as an investment instrument or as well as currency that can be transferred from any jurisdiction in seconds.

– How can the interested persons be engaged in the mining?

– We have a hosting service and give interested people the ability to place their servers in our data center and help them to buy the appropriate servers. Tariffs decrease from 16 cents to 13 cents per kilowatt / hour.

– In your opinion, what opportunities are there for cryptocurrency mining in Georgia?

-The mining will little by little lose its actuality. In general, the lower tariffs of the electric energy makes the mining more attractive in Georgia. We are the second country after Canada, where electricity is relatively cheap, and the business environment is favorable and there is no corruption. But because this sector is developing and attracts more players, the competition will drop prices. Therefore, the newcomers may suffer losses because of the hasty decisions.

– And finally, tell us about your future plans…

– We have a plan to increase our power up to 20 MW in the next three years, or to attract about USD 25 million investment. Along with our partners, we are actively working on software projects using blockchain technology. In particular, we create ICO platform, mining pools, trading platform (exchange), Automated trading algorithm and investment portfolio.

Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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Georgian Harvard Graduate Develops Artificial Intelligence


24 years old Archil Cheishvili has graduated from Economics Department at Harvard. He showed interest to the business sector at the earliest age, and Archil is currently the director at “Palatine Analytics” company  in Boston and works on the development of artificial intelligence.

Doctrina has interviewed Archil Cheishvili:

– Archil, why have you decided to start your career in the business field?

In the primary classes, as a rule, some children want to become cosmonauts, some – firefighters, some – doctors, some of them want to become a policeman, and I just wanted one thing – business! From the very early years I dreamed of creating a big business that would change the lives of people, because I had seen from childhood that there were big problems in the country, I considered  that solving these problems was my goal and my personal challenge. I knew that I needed a good education,

-As far as I know, you made the first steps in business from the earliest age, tell us about the first initiative.

In my childhood it was very popular to play with Pokémons that we could buy in a neighboring store. One day, the shop was burned and closed. One of my friends told me that our entertainment was sold at the shop, located in nearby precinct. I remember that I sold all the pokemonos in the store and then I sold it in a week in my neighborhood for a double price. At that time I was 8 years old and I learned at this age two basic principles of economics and finances: demand-supply and arbitration.

I gradually learnt that you should never be too self-confident, should control emotions and  know what you do not know. I got interested in investments because market is changing rapidly and there is no limit to the possibilities, so after my third year in Harvard, I started to work with the world’s largest and most successful  hedge fund Bridgewater Associates. I was the youngest employee of the company and made investments in the stock market.

– Archil, you are the director at Palatine Analytics in Boston, tell us about the idea of setting up the company and its current activities.

As for the idea, I was working at the hedg fund and my co-founders – in Google and Microsoft companies, and we saw in the process of working with these companies that it was very difficult to know which employee would make a better result in the future. There were often cases of unfair decisions on promotion or bonuses. Therefore, we decided to solve this problem through artificial intelligence and establish a company where we are developing artificial intelligence of the last generation.

We have created a site that helps us to collect the necessary information in three ways. First of all, employees give each other an assessment, then they plan goals and management. Finally, they answer the questionnaire every week. After that, we use sophisticated statistical models and artificial intelligence to provide employees and managers with information on  these employees, and most importantly, to make a preliminary conclusion about their future performance. It is also interesting that in our 75% cases our algorithms are correctly predicting what the employee will be in three months. So we can say that we are revolutionizing this direction.

Finally, what would you tell young people who have ideas, but for stereotypes or other reasons, they think that they not have enough capacity for doing what they really want to do?

– Success is to get what you want and for this purpose, you need to set your goals. The objectives will give you a direction where to go and what to do. When you reach the goal, you will see problems. Problems cause pain, which is a signal that we are approaching the limits. It is the most difficult to look at the reality and to understand what the weaknesses you have. However, it is necessary because in order to eliminate the weaknesses it is necessary to recognize them. We need to make the right diagnosis of the problems and we should elaborate the how to eradicate them. Fulfilment of this plan makes us successful!


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”


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Georgian student who will work for Facebook : “I’m struggling to be stronger even today than I would be tomorrow”

ლაშა ლომთაძე

Georgian student of San Diego State University, who is a third year student of computer engineering, has became a Facebook employee. It is noteworthy that “Facebook” selected Luka among the best 300 students out of 250,000 students and invited him to Silenac Valley in Menlo Park in the summer.

“Doctrina” has interviwed  Luka Lomtadze.

            – First of all, tell us about you.

-I have finished Kutaisi Physical and Mathematical Public School. I started learning programming in fifth grade. After graduation, I became the student of Georgia’s First Cohort of San Diego State University. From the tenth grade I started and launched 8 start-ups, two of them go on working currently. During the last two years I worked in 10 different leading companies and state structures in Georgia. Finally, I have gained a great deal of experience in different areas of development. At present I am at my university campus in California.

-Talk about your profession, advantages, perspectives, shortcomings…

– I like programming, it’s pleasure when you create a new program that can think independently and help people. I believe that today’s life is unimaginable without this field, with the help of programming you can achieve far better results in any activities. I think that this field is now the fastest growing and, therefore, the most advanced one. The shortcomings that I recall, makes this field even more attractive. In order to be a good programmer, it is necessary to constantly develop yourself and to follow on the development of this field. In case of stopping, your knowledge loses its value. But the process of permanent learning and development is a great pleasure for me.

-As we know, you received education abroad. What is the deference between their and our educational systems and what is the advantage of the education got abroad? 

            -I think the main advantage of the education received abroad is the many-year of experience, that is  typical for  foreign educational systems. In addition, I think that the  learning environment  makes a significant impact on the common result.

            -What do you usually do in your free time?

            -I have a lot of hobbies. I am a photographer, traveler, naturalist and a great lover of an extreme adventure. My favorite thing to do in my spare time is to think.  Basically, I think about the future and try to plan the path to my goals.

-When I arrived in California, “Facebook” recruiters told me that they were interested in me and invited me to a technical interview. Perhaps, as the results of two technical interviews my application became distinguished as I finished all technical tasks pre-term. One week after the last interview they sent me a contract and I am glad that I will work in the Facebook office in the summer of 2018.

            -What about your future plans?What’s your maximum? What are your fighting for?

            -I have never thought about the maximum of my ability. I am sure I will achieve more by working harder. I’m struggling to be stronger even today than I would be tomorrow. I know that the only thing that restricts me is – time and I do not want to  lose a minute. This fight makes me happy. As for the future, I do not exclude anything, I know I will be there, where it will be needed : from the family superfather to the country’s parliamentary member.



Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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