About Us

The aim of an organization is to popularize education and scientific discussion culture among youth.Furthermore, it points at the involvement of young generation into the formation of profound society.

Missions of the organization are:

  • To inform society about modern scientific and educational tendencies speedily, happening throughout the world.
  • To actively involve young explorers and students into the discussions about modern scientific tendencies.
  • To organize scientific discussions about finding ways to solve the problems of the country.
  • To form an effective communicating space to promote opinions of students, local scientific society and young explorer-analysts.

Scientific portal “Doctrina” is made by young analysts and the hall of science – “Doctrina”.

Scientific portal “Doctrina” gives a correct interpretation of scientific study, analytical material about local and global scientific space, predictions and perspectives. It is actively involved into educational processes, provides well-balanced and quality-oriented media-products to the society.

Explores the topical scientific issues, challenges of educational system. It studies the reasons of  problems and tries to find a solution by the help of experts.

The organization conducts seminars/public discussions and meetings about studied and investigated fields to supply the full information widely to society, media and specialists.

The organization ensures the involvement of students and youth into the preparation of study and to revive researches and analytical work.

The organization facilitates the process of informing Georgian society about scientific-analytical sphere; boosts to create communicating environment in a sense of increase public awareness; to create an open educational platform for forming an educated society.

The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”  implements the project with the   “Assosiation of Managers of Georgia” and  youth movement – “Davitianni”.