“You will often find Georgia’s effect in my bouquets” – the story of a Georgian florist working in France

Floristry is a real art and it not only creates the pieces of art, but also fills people’s hearts with incredible inspiration.

No event is perfect without the a florist’s work: composing a bouquet, decorating a hall, creating a flower arch is quite a difficult and responsible work.

Florists decorate not only celebration events and holidays, but they also make everyday life much more beautiful. has interviewed emigrant Beka Tsertsvadze, 21, living in Paris, France, who is quite a successful florist.

When did you start a floristy business?

I started a floristy business in the spring of 2019. Here, when you are at school, you can also be employed.

Does one needs a special knowledge and skills in order to become a florist?

Just the knowledge gained in school is not enough to become a florist. It is necessary to enjoy by taking care of plants and flowers. Matching colors and harmonizing flowers can be done without any knowledge. One can study technical aspects in the school, the rest is in the hands of the florist himself.

Tell us about your life story

Before moving to France, I studied journalism at the University of Georgia. I left for Paris in 2018, hoping to return to Georgia soon, but I fell in love with this city so much that I decided to stay and change something in my life.

What was your motivation for starting the business you have succeeded in?

My main motivation was the desire to be in contact with nature every day, at the same time, it is very interesting to work with flowers, many things can be done, there are endless ideas, it never ends! The most interesting thing for me is that when you create a composition of any flower, you know that it will be withered in a few days and will no longer have the same effect, it is not a painting that will always be with you. So you again want to create different compositions that you can enjoy for a few days as much as possible.

Briefly describe your first steps on the road to success, what kind of obstacles did you face?

Flowers are very important in France. People consider them art pieces. The combination of the bouquet and vase is also very important thing; France has a long history in this regard. There are different types of vases with their own glorious histories and eras. My obstacle on the road to success was my lack of knowledge in the types and histories of vases, but now that is already part of the experience.

What is the biggest fear you have overcome?

It was my age. In general, when you try to cope with a difficult task people may look at you skeptically until they see the results. Initially, I thought I would find it difficult to gain reputation in France, but on the contrary, I found it easier. Georgian culture and vision turned out to be very interesting for them and it encouraged me to merge the Georgian culture with French one. Because of this, you will often find bunches and branches of grapes, Georgia’s effect in my bouquets.

As it is known, you run a successful business. So I would like to ask you, what is success for you?

For me, success is when you realize that you are happy with what you are doing and that you enjoy going to work every morning.

Do you think about returning to your homeland and continuing your activities in Georgia?

At this stage it is very difficult to think about it, but I know that I will definitely return to bring my little experience to Georgia!

What would you recommend to those who want to succeed?

I would advise them never to give up, to believe that they will make all their dreams true. I advise them to follow their wishes and they will surely find a place where they can feel successful. I was very naughty and I was often told that I was dreaming in vain and I had to start thinking seriously about my future. My dreams sounded very unreal to others.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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