Distance measuring robot from Georgia – Invention by 13-year-old pupil  

Different expeditions, research works or construction activities require a great deal of caution because it is associated with many risks and threats. There is a great need for studying and exploring caves in historic city of Kutaisi. Pupils from the city have created a device, which is essential for their different types of research activities. The device was greatly appreciated and became the winner of the young inventors competition “Leonardo da Vinci” last year.

The distance measuring robot is a remote control robot created by Iona Iobadze and his partner Giorgi Urotadze. The device is controlled using tablet, phone or other electronic device.

The main feature of the invention is measurement of trajectory of curve, for example, the measurement of the circumference. The robot is controlled remotely, and therefore an observer who uses it at the heights, cave or other hazardous site, is absolutely protected from accident.

That’s why – the robot has a very practical use and has caused a lot of interest because of its many functions.

The inventor of the device is 13-year-old Iona Iobidze. He studies at Kutaisi Georgian-American School “Progress” and is interested in the scientific activities. He is fond of Maths, Chemistry and Physics. In his free time he listens to the music. Iona likes reading fantasy literature and is often involved in the intellectual game- “What? Where? When?”

The inventors had been working on the robot  prototype for almost one year along with Mentor David Songhulashvili and the STEM teacher Uta Kilasonia.

Iona Iobadze spoke difficulties of the working processes and his own projects in his interview with “Doctrina”.

-When and why did you get interested in scientific activities ?

2 years ago, STEM launched in “Progress” school. I  became interested in it and decided to join the courses. It helped me to realize myself and to implement the project idea in reality.

– Tell us about your invention and what are its functions?

The function of the invention is to measure any kind of distance with great accuracy, in the least amount of time without human resources and great energy.

Perhaps you have seen a group of architects in the streets who tried to measure some stretch of the street using a curvemeter. But it should be noted that doing it with a curvemeter takes a lot of energy and time. Our idea aims to simplify and reduce a physical labor of humans.

-What are the difficulties facing you during the working process?

Of course, there were some delays during the work, but these small delays did not stop the development of the project and achievement of the final result.

– What makes your invention unique?

The invention is unique as it’s much more developed than its predecessor. The robot is controlled remotely and can implement the function of curvemeter or other devices. It can map unexplored places (cave or crevices) simplifying the research process. At the same time, it will enusre avoiding the risk facing human life in certain situations. The robot can make the distance measuring process much more accurate, easier and safe for humans.

– What about your current projects and future plans?

– Yes, I work on several projects currently, but I refrain from disclosing information  at this stage.

Author: Ana Urushadze
Translation: Tamar Tabatadze
The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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