Georgian Student at Medical Academy in New York – Finalist in North American International Culinary Competition

Culinary is not just about cooking. It is a real art and every detail must be strictly selected. A good chef must select details while cooking like an artist chooses colors for a painting. In order to cook tasty dishes, surprise everyone, we need to strictly follow the rules. has interviewed amateur chef, Ketevan Cherkezishvili about her hobby.
At what age did you learn to cook?
I have been cooking since childhood. I got my love for cooking from my mother and grandmothers, who all were the best cooks. Guests often visited us and we hosted them. My mother cooked tasty food and even now, my sister and I always use her recipes notebooks for cooking.
Is Culinary just a hobby for you? What are your plans for the future?

Yes, cooking is just my hobby. I have no plans in this regard. The pandemic started and therefore I find time to cook at home. I had some plans in the past and several famous chefs helped me and they give me competent advises even now. I am a dentist by profession and currently, I am focused on it.
As we know you are a finalist in a culinary competition, how important are such competitions for a cook?
Yes I was among the 9000 participants in the North American International Competition and appeared among the top five , then I dropped out. I can not say that it is very important, or that it has made a significant influence, but it is somehow good, it wakes you up.

As we know you live in the US, how often do you prepare Georgian dishes and which is your friends’ favorite one?

Yes, I live in America with my husband. Here I studied at the Medical Academy in New York. At the same time, I was working in one of the food facilities. Like all American students living here, with such a busy schedule. In accordance with the FDA regulations here, I had to have a diploma-license from the Food Safety Administration. My friends like all Georgian dishes prepared by me. I would choose Kakhetian Mtsvadi and Chakafuli.

Do you plan to open a “corner” of Georgian cuisine in the US? What are your plans for the future?

No, I do not have any plans in this regard; I have completely switched to my profession, now I make plans only based on it. My father and husband help me in doing it.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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