Successful Georgian in US – Real Estate Agent Luka Dvali

We would like to introduce you to Georgian emigrant, Luka Dvali, who has been living in the United States since 2016 and is already a successful licensed real estate agent.


How long have you been working in the US and what was your initial purpose?

I have been in the US since September 2016 and I knew from the very first day of arrival that I should definitely study here. Studying was the top reason why I came here.

As we know you are a licensed real estate agent in New York. What sparked your interest in this profession?


I achieved my goal and earned a bachelor’s degree in political science in a year,  but later I realized that I wanted to try myself in more interesting field. A profession that would show me a lifestyle and connect me with more people. At the same time, I realized that office work and daily routines were not close to me. I started looking for something new and when I got acquainted with this profession I liked it because I love to communicate with people, meet new people. I underwent the courses, got a license in a few months, and  soon after getting the license I started working for one of the most successful companies in Manhattan.


Is this job in high demand in the US? Is the process of obtaining a license difficult and is it easy to  find a job?


This profession is really in a high demand in the US. Obtaining a license is possible through passing the exam, which, to my mind, is not difficult, you undergo appropriate courses, pass exams and in a few months it is already possible to become a licensed agent. The process is not really difficult and it is easy to find a job.


The biggest challange begins afterwards as you have to use everything to be the best and compete with others. New York can easily help you in finding a job, but the hardest part is the work process. You have to put all your energy into getting the best results.


What are the qualities a real estate agent should have in order to be successful and competitive in this field?


I think the main thing in all professions is diligence and purposefulness, but in addition to that I would add originality, communicability. You have to be different to offer a high level of service to the customers, you should make people like you in order to build relationships with them. All this helps you to become competitive and successful.


Did you face any difficulties due to the Covid-19 pandemic?

The time of the pandemic was really a static period. For some time the city was almost empty, many people left New York and moved to a relatively safe place to live. Accordingly, selling, buying or renting properties stopped. The last six months have been relatively active and we are getting back to normal.


Finally, what are your future plans and do you plan to return back to Georgia?


I do not like to talk about my future plans in advance, but I have large-scale plans. I want to be one of the most successful in this field and make changes. I plan returning back to Georgia, not forever at this time, but I will definitely return.


Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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