Georgians who created 5 sectors in the United States

What did Georgians create for the United States in the 20 th century?

In 1955, the number of first- (1921-1939) and second-wave (1945-1950) of Georgian immigrants in the United States did not exceed 300, although even this small diaspora had a major impact on the entire US military or civilian life. First of all, we would like to name the Georgians who created 5 sectors in the United States :

Giorgi Balanchivadze, also known as George Balanchine (1904-1983), was an American-Georgian ballet master, the founder of the United States National Classical Ballet. He is recognized worldwide as the greatest choreographer of modern times.

Alexandre Kartvelishvili, also known as Alexander Kartvelishvili (1896-1974) – Founder of the United States Military Aviation. While studying at the Faculty of Aviation Engineering in Paris, one of the planes he created (Bernar-Februa V-2) broke the record for the world’s fastest plane. His name is also associated with the creation of the first metal aircraft (P-35) and most importantly, development of the bomber – Republic P-47 Thunderbolt – which gave the US victory in World War II and which is still considered exemplary in the world military aviation. Alexandre Kartvelishvili has been awarded the US National Medal of Science for his contribution to the history of aviation.

Prince Giorgi Machabeli (1885-1935) – Founder of the perfume industry in the United States. He founded the Great Perfume Society in the US in the 1920s. He was a chemist, as well as was engaged in political activities. He became known in the US as the Prince of Perfumery, hence he was called  Prince Giorgi Machabeli

Grigol Kobakhidze, also known as George Coby (1883-1967) – he has developed the United States glass medicine industry, Christmas tree glass candles and started production of Christmas tree toys. He opened his own factory in 1919 in Massachusetts. In 1922, he revived his own enterprise – Coby Grass Products Company, which has been operating since that time. Up to 70 inventions and unique patents introduced by its founder – Giorgi Kobakhidze made the company more valuable and prestigious. For example, he invented waterproof cement and a super-resistant glass block. He was the first Georgian multimillionaire in the US. He also created chemical-filled electric candles that replaced the real, fire risk candles that Americans had previously lit on Christmas trees. ” Coby – this is Christmas” was written on Christmas tree toys.

Constantine “Connie” Sidamon-Eristavi, (1930-2012) – Georgian Vice-Mayor of New York. This is how he is described in the New York Times: “He was one of those leaders who was both an effective ruler and a very popular leader. A worthy man with an impeccable reputation, with perfect logical skills.”

According to Mr. Riley, “it is Connie Eristavi’s merit that today New York is supplied with clean water and not only water but also land, soil and the whole environment are protected in its surroundings.” Projects approved under his patronage are still working in the city. Constantine Eristavi founded the famous organization “American Friends of Georgia” in 1994, which has provided great assistance to our nation in the field of education, medicine and humanitarian aid, and this assistance continues until now.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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