Mr. Mamuka, justify my trust and enter the Parliament, please – Giorgi Mikanadze


Lecturer, business and success coach and civil society activist Giorgi Mikanadze currently live in the U.S., responded to the country’s ongoing political processes in Georgia. In the letter, published on his Facebook page, Giorgi Mikanadze calls on confident political leaders to enter the Parliament and respect the voters’ trust. Giorgi Mikanadze has been living in New York for the last few years and seldom makes public statements about the country’s ongoing processes. “Doctrina” would like to offer a complete text of

Giorgi Mikanadze’s Facebook post:

I declare publicly and do not hide; I participated in [Georgia’s] 2020 elections from New York City. I voted for Mamuka Khazaradze and his party Lelo Georgia. I know this person personally, we have had a conversation in his office, and despite a lot of criticism, I do not doubt his dignity and aspirations. It was my attitude towards him, which encouraged me to vote for this man. Initially, I was an active supporter of the Georgian Dream after the National Movement deadlocked and there was no other way. Of course, I was a supporter of the National Movement when they came into power, even though I was just a student at the time. Of course, I appreciate the values ​​and gains that Shevardnadze’s government has brought to our people and country. I mean tamping down the political tension and forming the state institutions, determining the international stance. Of course, I realize the dedication of great people Merab Kostava and Zviad Gamsakhurdia and their generation to our country’s statehood.

Although in recent years, during my stay in the country, I used to express my positions actively. I did not shy away from bold assessments of the “Georgian Dream” or other Political Movements Parties in the country. I always expressed my opinion both positively and negatively – any political force has never bought me off. I have never received any privileges or interests in any direction. I had offers to start my political activism in the country. I have my plan, idea and I hope to succeed. Today, absolutely every aspect of my success, education, experience, new contacts, and opportunities I’m connecting to my country, my people, and the environment in which I live now. I guess this is normal for me and probably for any citizen of any country. Considering the facts mentioned above, Mr. Mamuka, I urge you to take up your mandate, received from me, and enter the Parliament, please. I call on you to join the Parliament and end these disgraceful processes in the country and convince other colleagues to do the same. Maybe you can sit down and discuss what would be the most optimal way to use it. I surely know that you are ashamed to be associated with some people, be honest with society, and get results. The events are seen and evaluated entirely differently from the outside. We need political maturity, and I hope you will justify my confidence and contribute to this crucial country’s crucial process. I mean moving from emotions to mind management processes and achieving thoughtful positioning in a global context quickly.


Giorgi Mikanadze

New York City, USA



Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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Georgians who created 5 sectors in the United States


What did Georgians create for the United States in the 20 th century?

In 1955, the number of first- (1921-1939) and second-wave (1945-1950) of Georgian immigrants in the United States did not exceed 300, although even this small diaspora had a major impact on the entire US military or civilian life. First of all, we would like to name the Georgians who created 5 sectors in the United States :

Giorgi Balanchivadze, also known as George Balanchine (1904-1983), was an American-Georgian ballet master, the founder of the United States National Classical Ballet. He is recognized worldwide as the greatest choreographer of modern times.

Alexandre Kartvelishvili, also known as Alexander Kartvelishvili (1896-1974) – Founder of the United States Military Aviation. While studying at the Faculty of Aviation Engineering in Paris, one of the planes he created (Bernar-Februa V-2) broke the record for the world’s fastest plane. His name is also associated with the creation of the first metal aircraft (P-35) and most importantly, development of the bomber – Republic P-47 Thunderbolt – which gave the US victory in World War II and which is still considered exemplary in the world military aviation. Alexandre Kartvelishvili has been awarded the US National Medal of Science for his contribution to the history of aviation.

Prince Giorgi Machabeli (1885-1935) – Founder of the perfume industry in the United States. He founded the Great Perfume Society in the US in the 1920s. He was a chemist, as well as was engaged in political activities. He became known in the US as the Prince of Perfumery, hence he was called  Prince Giorgi Machabeli

Grigol Kobakhidze, also known as George Coby (1883-1967) – he has developed the United States glass medicine industry, Christmas tree glass candles and started production of Christmas tree toys. He opened his own factory in 1919 in Massachusetts. In 1922, he revived his own enterprise – Coby Grass Products Company, which has been operating since that time. Up to 70 inventions and unique patents introduced by its founder – Giorgi Kobakhidze made the company more valuable and prestigious. For example, he invented waterproof cement and a super-resistant glass block. He was the first Georgian multimillionaire in the US. He also created chemical-filled electric candles that replaced the real, fire risk candles that Americans had previously lit on Christmas trees. ” Coby – this is Christmas” was written on Christmas tree toys.

Constantine “Connie” Sidamon-Eristavi, (1930-2012) – Georgian Vice-Mayor of New York. This is how he is described in the New York Times: “He was one of those leaders who was both an effective ruler and a very popular leader. A worthy man with an impeccable reputation, with perfect logical skills.”

According to Mr. Riley, “it is Connie Eristavi’s merit that today New York is supplied with clean water and not only water but also land, soil and the whole environment are protected in its surroundings.” Projects approved under his patronage are still working in the city. Constantine Eristavi founded the famous organization “American Friends of Georgia” in 1994, which has provided great assistance to our nation in the field of education, medicine and humanitarian aid, and this assistance continues until now.

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“You will often find Georgia’s effect in my bouquets” – the story of a Georgian florist working in France


Floristry is a real art and it not only creates the pieces of art, but also fills people’s hearts with incredible inspiration.

No event is perfect without the a florist’s work: composing a bouquet, decorating a hall, creating a flower arch is quite a difficult and responsible work.

Florists decorate not only celebration events and holidays, but they also make everyday life much more beautiful. has interviewed emigrant Beka Tsertsvadze, 21, living in Paris, France, who is quite a successful florist.

When did you start a floristy business?

I started a floristy business in the spring of 2019. Here, when you are at school, you can also be employed.

Does one needs a special knowledge and skills in order to become a florist?

Just the knowledge gained in school is not enough to become a florist. It is necessary to enjoy by taking care of plants and flowers. Matching colors and harmonizing flowers can be done without any knowledge. One can study technical aspects in the school, the rest is in the hands of the florist himself.

Tell us about your life story

Before moving to France, I studied journalism at the University of Georgia. I left for Paris in 2018, hoping to return to Georgia soon, but I fell in love with this city so much that I decided to stay and change something in my life.

What was your motivation for starting the business you have succeeded in?

My main motivation was the desire to be in contact with nature every day, at the same time, it is very interesting to work with flowers, many things can be done, there are endless ideas, it never ends! The most interesting thing for me is that when you create a composition of any flower, you know that it will be withered in a few days and will no longer have the same effect, it is not a painting that will always be with you. So you again want to create different compositions that you can enjoy for a few days as much as possible.

Briefly describe your first steps on the road to success, what kind of obstacles did you face?

Flowers are very important in France. People consider them art pieces. The combination of the bouquet and vase is also very important thing; France has a long history in this regard. There are different types of vases with their own glorious histories and eras. My obstacle on the road to success was my lack of knowledge in the types and histories of vases, but now that is already part of the experience.

What is the biggest fear you have overcome?

It was my age. In general, when you try to cope with a difficult task people may look at you skeptically until they see the results. Initially, I thought I would find it difficult to gain reputation in France, but on the contrary, I found it easier. Georgian culture and vision turned out to be very interesting for them and it encouraged me to merge the Georgian culture with French one. Because of this, you will often find bunches and branches of grapes, Georgia’s effect in my bouquets.

As it is known, you run a successful business. So I would like to ask you, what is success for you?

For me, success is when you realize that you are happy with what you are doing and that you enjoy going to work every morning.

Do you think about returning to your homeland and continuing your activities in Georgia?

At this stage it is very difficult to think about it, but I know that I will definitely return to bring my little experience to Georgia!

What would you recommend to those who want to succeed?

I would advise them never to give up, to believe that they will make all their dreams true. I advise them to follow their wishes and they will surely find a place where they can feel successful. I was very naughty and I was often told that I was dreaming in vain and I had to start thinking seriously about my future. My dreams sounded very unreal to others.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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5 oldest artifacts from Georgia that changed the world history !


Everyone is well aware of the fact that Georgia is the hearth of ancient civilization and culture. This is evidenced by the many discoveries made in recent years, and the world’s leading scientists firmly acknowledge the important role of our country in the world history. Along with many unique discoveries, the five most important discoveries have been made in recent years, which have radically changed the history of the world and highlighted the importance of Georgia’s role.

  1. Remains of 1.8 million-year-old ancient humans

Georgia is the homeland of the first European! Yes, it is! The cradle of all Europeans was once in Georgia and the first Europeans left our territory and moved to the west. A sensational discovery was made in the 90s of the last century – the bones of a man and a woman, which are 1.8 million years old! Scientists have called Homo georgicus Zezva and Mzia and proved that we are dealing with the oldest representatives of the remains found outside Africa.

It is from this discovery that we can boldly assert and be proud – European civilization originates in Georgia!

  1. The first ever thread in the world – 34 thousand years old – has been fund in Georgia

Somewhere in the Paleolithic times, on the territory of the western part of modern Georgia, a human being invented the thread. From today’s perspective it is a very ordinary and simple invention, but еthen it was vital to ancient human beings. Using thread, humans have improved their clothing and footwear, which has doubled their chances of survival. Until now, the oldest known thread had been found in Czech Republic and it was made of nettle. But the Georgian linen thread, discovered in 2007, is almost 5 000 years older than the Czech one!

  1. The world’s oldest wine – 8 thousand years old

Georgia is the homeland of wine! In 2017, archaeologists discovered the evidence of the world’s oldest wine. Science Alert has reported that the discovery dates back 8000 years, which means that the wine is almost twice as old compared to the wine, discovered in Iran, which was the oldest known wine, dating back 5000 years. This incredible discovery belongs to researchers at the University of Toronto and the Georgian National Museum. It is noteworthy that the wine has been discovered in the fragments of ancient clay vessels. Debris containing wine droplets was found near Shulaveri Hill near Tbilisi. Lab tests have shown they are wine droplets, which means that we are dealing with a sensational discovery – the oldest wine of the world has been found in Georgia!

  1. The oldest gold mine in the world – 6 thousand years old

It could not be surprising, since Georgia is the country of Golden Fleece, Colchis was actually a real country located in the western side of modern Georgia. These facts are evidenced by the recent years’ discoveries. The unique gold items found in Vani and the Sakdrisi mine confirm that the Georgian goldsmith’s work played an important role in ancient civilizations. Direct connections of Georgian culture with Egypt have also been evidenced.

  1. Metallurgy and smith craft – 5 thousand years ago

To the question about the place where the metallurgy was invented, the archeologists name Western Asia and India as the cradle, where people actively used iron tools in 2nd-1st millenniums BC.

But the Bible mentions that the inventors of metallurgy and smith craft are the representatives of an ancient Georgian tribe called Tubals. The tools made by these people were spread throughout Assyria, Mesopotamia and Greece. This opinion can be observed in ancient myths as well: a Georgian superhero Amirani was the son of Dali, the goddess of hunt and an ordinary, mortal man. According to a legend, Amirani taught the people how to forge iron.

It’s also worth to mention that not far from the resort town of Borjomi, in southern Georgia, the archaeologists have found ancient clay pots with the remains of honey in them. They are about 5.5 thousand years old, almost 20 centuries older than the honey found in Tutankhamun’s grave.

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Georgian man,who invented first multifunctional calculator, and lost device in Russia


Many people may know Georgian mathematician, metallurgist and sportsman – Giorgi Nikoladze. However, not everyone knows about his world-wide invention.

Giorgi Nikoladze, who was born in the family of Niko Nikoladze, a well-known Georgian public figure, was born in Didi Jikhaishi and died at the age of 42.

After graduating from the Kutaisi Gymnasium in 1861, Nikoladze continued his studies at the Faculty of Law of St. Petersburg University and actively participated in demonstrations in 1861, for which he was arrested and expelled from the university.

He initiated the idea of ​​creating the first gymnastics community in Tbilisi in 1918, and he established the term “gymnastics” in the Georgian reality. In the same year, Nikoladze started working for the Ministry of Trade and Industry, but soon left his job and became the head of the Faculty of Natural Sciences at Tbilisi State University.

Nikoladze was fluent in English, French and German along with Russian, which made it even more easier for him to travel freely abroad and cooperate with foreign editions.

In 1926-1928, Nikoladze went abroad for two years to defend his thesis and inspected the first electric calculators exhibited in Paris. The self-taught mathematician came up with the idea of ​​creating an electric calculator that could perform addition, subtraction, multiplication and division operations.

Despite many offers, Giorgi decided to return to his homeland and to realize his invention here. But the only thing that we know about that period is that his first model was exhibited at Moscow University until 1936, although his fate is unknown.

It is interesting to mention that Nikoladze had a penchant for geometry and mathematics since childhood, but he has not passed any special training program in this field, which surprises us even more. He was fascinated by poetry and wrote numerous works. In addition, he gave us an in-depth analysis of the artistic work of Ilia Chavchavadze and Grigol Orbeliani.

Nikoladze died of bilateral croupous pneumonia. Unfortunately, the exact date of his death is in question, according to some reports, he died in 1928.  “Great people must not be neglected,” said Niko Lortkipanidze, and it is unfortunate that so little attention is paid to the distinguished figures of different eras, whose names are forgotten.

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Georgian inventor’s successful perfume line in New York


Georgian inventor, chemist and politician, Giorgi Machabeli, is known worldwide as The Prince George Matchabeli and his name is associated with the perfume line developed in the United States, which is why he is often referred to as the “Princess of Perfumes”. The nephew of the famous translator Ivane Machabeli is buried in the Long Island Cemetery in New York, and the perfume line created by him remains one of the oldest and the most demanded perfume products in America.

Giorgi Machabeli was born in 1885 in Tbilisi and educated at the nobiliary gymnasium. He continued his studies at the Berlin Mining Academy, and after graduating from the academy, Giorgi Machabeli traveled throughout the whole world – sometimes he was a sailor, sometimes a driver and sometimes – a  courier. Despite a wide range of interests, Machabeli was actively involved in political processes, too and since May 26 of 1918, after the restoration of the Georgian state as a democratic republic, Giorgi Machabeli was the first secretary of the Georgian embassy in Italy, where he lived with his wife – the famous Italian actress – Norina Jill.

In 1922, Machabel moved to the United States and opened an antique shop in New York, named “Red and Black” after Stendhal’s novel, where the couple sold a variety of antiques, including Persian  carpets, furniture, Italian and Spanish jewelry. However, later, when he released his first perfume – “Princess Norina” dedicated to his wife, his success overshadowed the antiques business, which pushed Machabeli to take a serious interest in perfume production.

Machabeli launched the Prince Matchabeli perfume line in New York in 1926.

“I make perfumes for America, the Parisian prices of which have never been so acceptable here before, but, in fact, I spent my whole life in the field of chemistry creating perfumes, but just for my own pleasure, however the demand for them was so great that I decided to turn it into business.” (George Machabeli, 1928).

Machabeli was often in the media spotlight, The New-Yorker reported in the 1930s that he used to politely hinting  to women if he noticed that they were using an inappropriate perfume and sent one of his products to them showing his respect. In the future, if he noticed that one of those women was still using the old perfume, he jokingly said, “you have not been loyal to me.”

Despite his successful business activities, Machabeli continued to be active in the public sphere and he was one of the first initiators of the establishment of the Georgian community in the United States. Giorgi Machabeli died of pneumonia in 1931, after which his perfume house was first handed over to a physical person and then to the Vicks Chemical Company, although the last product of the perfume house was released in 2002 and still bears the name of Prince Machabeli on the market.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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Georgian dance granted status of monument of intangible cultural heritage


Georgian dance has been granted the status of a monument of intangible cultural heritage by the order of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia, issued on September 2. The order is signed by Nikoloz Antidze, General Director of the Agency.

“The Information Systems Service of the National Agency for Cultural Heritage Preservation of Georgia should be instructed to reflect the data of the monument in the State Register of Monuments.

Instruct the Legal Service of the Agency to post the relevant measures on the website of the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sports of Georgia within one month after the enactment of this order,”- reads the order.

Last year, Georgian folk dances were included in the list of French intangible cultural heritage monuments.

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Komarovi Graduate who Ranked 8th in World with Gold Medals Won at International Informatics Olympiad


Nika Birkadze won his third gold medal at the International Olympiad in Informatics and has taken the 8th place in the world with three gold and one silver medals.

“He has been ranked among the 20 best students of all time. Only 5 students have won more gold medals in informatics than him,” Zaza Gamezardashvili, the lecturer at the Free University, wrote in one of his posts. Nika is 18 years old and he has graduated from Komarovi School.

Nika was still a schoolboy when he was inducted into the Hall of Fame of the International Olympiad in Informatics, which was the greatest recognition of a Georgian teenager. Such a title is awarded only to those students who have won 2 gold medals at the International Olympiads in Informatics. Nika already owns 3 gold.

This year he was enrolled at the Free University and received 100% of the grant in the field of the computer programming.

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Georgian Musician Sisters’ American Success Story


Nino and Tamar Sanikidze are two sisters working in the U.S., who are the successful musicians.

Nino and Tamar Sanikidze have been living in the U.S. for 25 years. The sisters earned their master’s degrees from the University of Iowa and their doctorates in music from the University of Maryland.  Tamar is the concertmaster of the world’s most famous operas, and Nino is the pianist of the Los Angeles Opera House.

Since 2006, the Sanikidzes lead the annual international competition Plácido Domingo’s Operalia in Los Angeles. The famous tenor met Nino Sanikidze at the Washington Opera and was so fascinated by her that she was hired as one of the pianists in his program.

Tamar has been working in California since 2015 and is the director of the Butler Music Center. She has also given a concert at the White House in Washington, D.C., and often plays at Carnegie Hall. Tamar, together with the world’s famous musicians, participates in competitions, concerts and masterclasses. At the same time, she delivers lectures at the University of Maryland.

Nino conducts masterclasses at the University of Kansas. The sisters want to hold a joint concert in Georgia. Foreign media often reports about their successful activities.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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George Cobb – Inventor of Georgian waterproof cement!

ჯორჯ კობი

Many people have heard the name of philanthropist George Cobb, but few know that he was from Georgia. Grigol Kobakhidze, George Cobb, was born in Ambrolauri. He arrived in Borjomi and started working in the newly opened glass factory when he did not complete even primary school. At the factory he mastered all the technologies and developed a method how to increase the production. He became famous for his unique invention after he created waterproof cement and super-resistant glass-block.

In a big country like America, it is difficult to establish yourself, especially to surprise the country with your activities. The invention of George Cobb was revolutionizing not only for the US but also for the whole world. The cement, developed by him, was first used in the construction of the first skyscraper in America in the 1930s and has since been widely introduced around the world.

Although George Cobb devoted all his time to business and was a very successful man, he never forgot his country. He was actively involved in the affairs of the country. It is noteworthy that George Cobb had a great desire to return to his homeland and continue his business here.

He never stopped loving his homeland. The Georgian man, who lived far from his country helped Georgian emigrants all his life. Moreover, he wanted to choose a Georgian production expert to partner with him, but as it seems there was not a reliable person for it.

Despite the Great Depression and the crisis, George Cobb did not lose his ability to work and managed his enterprise cheerfully. During this period his enterprise lost millions but George Cobb managed with selfless work and revived it. His abilities and talents were not limited to just inventing cement. Later he introduced another innovation in his production – he started making Christmas tree toys. He developed electric candles filled with chemical liquid – so-called “Babel Lamps”, who replaced the real candles.

Grigol Kobakhidze died in 1967 at the age of 84. His name has remained unchanged and Christmas tree toys – Cobb Gles Products – are produced at the present time.

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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