Georgian WiFi Advertising Platform Putting Step into European Market


In the modern world WiFi is a unique way to advertise and the Georgian company “Wifisher” is attempting to help different companies in promoting their products. The idea of setting up the company came up two years ago to two youngsters – Nodar Ivanidze and Davit Khosroshvili, who managed to implement it with the help of the Georgian investor.

“Doctrina” has interviewed Nodar Ivanidze about the successful initiative.

“Wifisher” is an online advertising platform that allows anyone to choose desired object for advertisement placement at the company’s website and to activate their ad in this point through a simple bank transaction.

According to Nodar Ivanidze, the platform is quite popular and effective. “The service provides us with the opportunity to interact directly with the customer. The modern man has already developed an instinct that cannot see advertisements in banners or social networks, and in these conditions, “Wifisher” creates some kind of alternative, “he notes.

“Wifisher” has an additional feature, too – cafes, restaurants, hospitals and hotels can use this system for internal communication with their consumers, for example, by means of the platform it is possible to find out how many times the user visited the site and, accordingly, loyal guests will be encouraged.

Currently, the company covers 150 objects throughout Georgia, including all airports, shopping centers, cinemas and several catering facilities. Statistically, 30% of the company’s customers use the platform to advertise their products, such as “Dunkin ‘Donuts”, “Wendy’s” and others.

“Wifisher” is the partner of almost all the largest Georgian companies, including VTB Bank, TBC Bank, tobacco and Insurance Companies, such as “Irao” and “Aldagi” and international companies – “Samsung” and “Philip Morris”.

Another advantage of the service is that the company enhances the Internet speed on all the facilities where their system operates. Special funds are allocated and the user receives much faster Internet access after viewing the advertisement.

The platform is innovative one in Georgia, but the similar programs exist abroad. Nodar Ivanidze noted that they cannot compete with their platform, so young people try to provide their service abroad. They already have partnerships in Azerbaijan and Armenia, and in the future they plan to cooperate with other countries in Europe as well as in Asia.



Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”


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