“Doctrina” Discusses Georgian-US Relations at the Meeting with Political Scientist Korneli Kakachia

Political Scientist Discusses Georgian-US Relations, New US Administration’s Policy

Young Analysts and Scientists Hall “Doctrina” has organized a meeting with academic doctorate of politics Korneli Kakachia. “What we should expect from the new US administration?” – was the key topic of the meeting, held on April 21.

At the meeting the political scientist discussed the history of the Georgian-US relationship. This topic is especially actual one, because the 25th anniversary of the US-Georgia Diplomatic Union is celebrated in recent days.

Korneli Kakachia talked about the initial relations, when the cooperation started during Georgian President Eduard Shevardnadze’s time in power and then, the cooperation between the two countries deepened under Mikheil Saakashvili’s presidency. However, he also noted that the strength of relations was triggered by individuals and not by the strength of state institutions and it should be considered as weakness of Georgia.

“The truth of the fact that Georgia is the part of Europe is not questionable for the United States,” – the political scientist said.

It is notable that when Georgia and America started the relationship, Georgia did not have a diplomatic corps and special interest was caused by the repatriation of the transit country.

According to Mr. Kakachia, one of the stages for boosting relations is the Rose Revolution, which has led to great interest not just in the United States but in the whole world.

“We are wrong when we say that the US is our ally, this is wrong, we will be ally in case we join the NATO, now it is our strategic partner.

The Georgian people often ask : why the US did not interfere in the August war. The thin is that the US has its own national interest. However, it has provided, and provides, other types of assistance,” – the political scientist said.

The discussions have also touched upon the current agenda and policy towards Georgia. According to Korneli Kakachia, even if the US-Russian relations become warmer, in fact, there is no danger that it will have a negative impact on Georgia.

The political scientist talks about a lack of diplomacy from the Georgian side and says that the Georgian-US relationship has become colder due to the incorrect strategic moves, such as less engagement of experts and researchers and nonperformance of field work. Also, a main weakness of Georgia is the absence of lobby, for example, our neighboring Armenia, has a very powerful lobby in the United States.

In addition, we should not forget that there are many in the Congress, who are isolationists and say, – “Why should the US help Georgia?” But there are many who know Georgia well, for example, the current Secretary of Defense, who knows our country’s role in the international mission in Afghanistan,” – the expert said.

According to Korneli Kakachia, it is too early to talk about what kind of policy Trump will carry out, because his administration is not fully established.


Author: Natalia Jalagonia

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”


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