Invention that Significantly Cuts Natural Gas Cost

The first “Wi-Fi Thermostat” printed board has been developed at the FabLab of the Technopark. “Alien Green” ltd is the author of the device. Paata Kveselava is the company Director General, while Lasha Dolidze is the Technical Director of “Alien Green”.

“Wi-Fi Thermostat” reduces the cost of natural gas by up to 16-39%, which, of course, reflects on monthly payments. The device makes it possible to control the central heating system temperature remotely using smartphones, iPads, smart watches, laptops or web browser. It consists of two components:

-Control block that is installed in a boiler;

– Room sensor, which is installed in the desired location.

The room sensor is connected to the control block, the temperature transmitter receives the room temperature and transmits the thermostat installed in the boiler, which can then be used to select and set the temperature in the house with the above listed devices.

Mostat thermostat enables central heating system boiler to work according to the pre-set schedule. The heating turns on when you need the heat and the rest of the time you save energy, for example, during the night or when you’re out of the house. The application offers detailed statistics of heating system operation in the form of graphics.

“The prototype of the first Wi-Fi Thermostat was installed and tested on December 1, 2015. The prototype successfully passed the 5-month test period. Based on the study results, we decided to discuss the device in terms of business, to produce it in Georgia and to offer to the Georgian customers.

In the winter of 2016, 10 thermostats were installed in different districts of Tbilisi in the test mode. Several month-long observations of the device demonstrated that the thermostat saved natural gas cost by up to 27%. Society positively evaluates the product. Additionally, we’ve considered comments and advices from the consumers. Consequently, we have created a better management and control ecosystem of the central heating system. It’s easy to install, it takes about 20 minutes. Unlike other smart thermostats, installation of the Mostat thermostat does not require installation of additional electric cables, making holes in the walls and other unpleasant works, ”  Paata Kveselava said.

The thermostat and room temperature sensor are connected via Wi-Fi. It is noteworthy that the thermostat is compatible with 90% of boilers produced in Georgia. The application is in both English and Georgian and at the initial stage it is adapted to the local market.

“In 2016, we presented the thermostat prototype to the contest of the ideas announced by the “Innovation and Technology Agency” and we were involved in the 12-month Business Incubator Program. Our priority is to create such products and services that will raise people’s lives and promote social and economic development of the country, ” Paata Kveselava said.

300 thermostats have already created at the FabLab of the Technopark and the users will be able to buy the innovative products starting from October.


Author: Nini Mshvenieridze

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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