Gaming Vest with Sense of Reality – Georgian Young Inventors’ Successful Project

Laser Combat — is the waistcoat, developed by three Georgian young students, enabling gamers to perceive games as real. 

“Doctrina” has interviewed Givi Beridze, one of the authors of the idea, who gave some details about the project.

Givi Beridze, Nikoloz Sikharulidze, Tornike Patskhashvili, students of faculty of computer science and mathematics, and Irakli Mskhiladze, a student of electrical engineering at the Agrarian University, are the authors of the project.

Childhood memories, when there was no feeling of reality during various games, have inspired the idea of creating the waistcoat. The Georgian students have decided to develop a vest, called Laser Combat, which gives gamers a sence of reality and at the same time, is safe and painless.

Laser Combat is fully equipped with sensors and when a laser beam falls on a sensor, the vibration engine is activated behind it and gamers have an impression that the bullet really hits them. It should be noted that this technology is extremely similar to the existing ordinary vests, but the feeling of realism distinguishes it from its rivals, such as – “Airsoft Paintball” and etc.

Apart from winning the “Innovation Camp”, Dubai investment companies “TURN8“ and  “I360 accelerator” imposed a monthly grant and in this way assisted the winning team in implementing the project.

Young inventors presented their idea to the “Start-up Georgia”, a government-initiated innovative business supporting program, and took the fifth place out of total 20 participant projects. Many investors liked the idea. The project has received Gel 100 000 in investment and the authors could market their product.

The young students hold negotiations in Georgia in order to open the first gaming club. They also plan to enter the European market.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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