Young Georgian Innovator’s Wheelchair Makes Life Easier for PWDs

Karlo Khutsishvili has been named as the best innovator of the current year. He has just introduced the invention – a wheelchair “Nonstop” that can improve the lives of persons with disabilities. The young inventor has developed the wheelchair together with his friend Nino Abelashvili.
“There is an engine, special scheme, a battery and a variety of sensor built in the main frame that is attached to the wheelchair making the device faster and environmentally friendly. Generally, electric wheelchairs weigh 38 kg. [83.77 lbs] our wheelchair is just 10 kg., main frame – 12 kg. As far as you know it’s difficult to transport a wheelchair, while our wheelchair solves this problem completely. Both the main frame and the wheelchair can be folded making it easier to move. The wheelchair’s speed limit is 50 -70 km / h speed and it has a battery life of 4 hours max, “- Karlo Khutsishvili said.
During the course of their work on the wheelchair, a lot of ideas came to the young inventors, for example, they have developed a glove for people with hand problems and are not able to control the wheelchair. The glove enables the users to open and close their hands and the most important thing that they will be able to control the wheelchairs independently. The wheelchair moves in the direction of the hand movement. It is also customized for visually impaired persons and people with hearing loss. The wheelchair has special built-in sensors which allow the users to detect various obstacles.
“Very often a person’s wheelchair turns over or collides with something that can cause injuries, not to mention the psychological tension and the greatest stress. We have managed to solve this problem, too. We have designed an innovative helmet, it has a built- in sensor that perceives collision, deviation and oversetting of the wheelchair. This information is supplied to the main scheme, the scheme opens the container, in which there is the pumped air, the air stream ejects out and the helmet opens. This method protects the wheelchair user from damage. It is a dream of every PWD kids to move independently, go out, take a walk and interact with their friends. Now, it can be achieved through the nonstop wheelchair. A parent can track the child from home and even control the wheelchair’s movement”, – Karlo Khutsishvili, person behind the project, said.
It is notable that Karlo Khutsishvili, together with his friend Irakli Kapanadze, has won Millennium Innovations Award – MIA. They have participated in Conrad Foundation’s Innovation Summit at NASA center. The young inventors introduced the project – “Multiclimatizator”. It is the device that forecasts expected local weather, measures temperature and humidity of the soil. It assists farmers to learn about the expected hail or rain in advance.
Another invention, which has brought a great success to the young inventor, is the Life Saver. It is notable that Karlo Khutsishvili has developed the device together with his sister Ana Khutsishvili. Life Saver is an unmanned mine cleaning system, which is controlled by iPad. The device can remotely fly over long distances and safely clear the mines. Life Saver can save the lives of hundreds of people worldwide.
“It is disappointing that the state does not pay much attention to those who have the tech talent and can present own country’s name to the other world with dignity. I, for example, have some inventions, however, I cannot patent them as it requires a large amount of money. I try to implement my ideas at the own expense. I would advise young people to strive toward their goal, as there is nothing impossible. The most important thing is personal growth and self-development, I could make my dream come true and I traveled to NASA, “- said Karlo Khutsishvili.


Author:  Nini Mshvenieridze

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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