16-year-old Georgian Inventor’s Platform Allows Remote Access to Personal Files


10 best startups took part in the final stage of the startup competition – “Seedstars Tbilisi 2017“. Online platform “Deskomy” was among them. It allows any registered person to access the data stored in an own computer from any location via the website.

16-year-old Luka Kvavilashvili is the author of the startup. “Doctrina” has interviewed him. 

  • Luka, when and why the idea of creating “Deskomy” began?

– The idea of creating the “Deskomy” came to me in March of 2014 after I started learning  programming and I needed many of my important documents and photos to have always with me. After a while I found the so-called File Hosting websites like Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive and others. As soon as I used these sites, I had a question about why I could upload only my files and not my entire desktop. At the same time, the knowledge of programming that I already had, was enough to realize that fulfillment of “Deskomy” was actually possible.

What functions are accessible for “Deskomy” customers and whether it is related to certain amounts?

–  For the time being, “Descom” is in the Beta version. Users can upload / download any type of file, to view the most types of files in the web browser (office documents, photos, videos, audio formats, PDF, photoshop, archives). Users can also share files, personalize desktop (change colors, photos and designs) and to use own e-mail in “Deskomy” in order to have files and e-mail in one space.

Registration is free, but the users are limited in memory. Customers get free 3GB memory and in case they need more volume, they will have to purchase it. We think of other business models, too, which will allow us to make the memory free and earn income from other sources (ads, paid applications, businesses, etc.).

Creation of platform is a very difficult process, who provided it?

– For the first one year I was doing the platform alone. Later, upon my father’s initiative, I introduced my idea to “Start Business Solutions”, since that time we are closely working with its founder – Jaba Burjaliani and Project Manager – Sopho Kobaidze. They help develop and fund our idea. As for the technical side, I am working alone on it. However, with the funding of “Startup Georgia”, we will soon have other developers in order to speed up the process “Descom” development.

What about your future plans?

– At this point, we are working on the integration of Microsoft Office in order to allow users to work on Word, Excel and PowerPoint files in the browser. In the future we plan to add a lot of features, such as chat, password files, and etc. In the future, our program will also be available on the App Store. We may launch own easy laptops, like “Chromebooks”, however, our customers will be more complete desktop than ChromeOS’s one.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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