Wooden Bags – Georgian Girls’ Successful Startup

,,Begels” – the startup project by two young Georgian girls. They have developed their idea with the help of the Georgia’s Innovations and Technologies Agency and now, their unique wooden bags are available to buyers. We have interviewed Natia Mgeladze, one of the authors of the idea.

Natia Mgeladze and Qeti Ubilava are the authors of the idea. They came up with the idea of creating the bags in 2015. The young girls had been thinking about it for 3-4 months, because the machines at FABLAB (Ilia State University Future Industrial Innovation Lab) mostly work on wood and organic glass, and they decided to make bags from wood. Later, the girls agreed that the synthesis of leather and wood would be much more original and beautiful. These kinds of bags are found in the collections of some of the famous designers, but the girls opted their bags for the Georgian market. In addition, the bags are engraved according to the client’s demand that makes them more distinguished.

The name of the project is interesting itself. According to Natia Mgeladze,  “Begels” raises the association of “Bag and Girls”, so the idea of the name has spontaneously emerged from here, and they both liked it very much. As for the realization of the products, the girls are able to deliver their products to the people through social networks and periodically, they hold exhibitions.

As for future plans, the authors plan to develop their startup. “It is necessary to constantly take care of the startup and offer novelty to customers. Otherwise, stability does not bring results. A few months ago, we came up with the idea of the bags with lamps, the final version of these bags will be ready in the summer,” – Natia Mgeladze said.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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