“Postcard Club” – Innovation and Charity

The “Postcards Club”is a new initiative in Georgia, which unites a quite innovative idea and charity. For detailed information, “Doctrina” has interviewed Madonna Selimashvili, founder of the project.

  • First of all, tell us about the project authors.

-I have founded the “Postcards Club” together with my girls. About two years ago, I established a charity organization the Warm House for Young People. My organization helps socially vulnerable students with housing and scholarship. We have decided to start our own business.

Why, how and when did the idea of making and marketing the handmade postcards came up?

– The idea of starting the “Postcards Club” came up following my visit to the US. I attended the process of working at a postcard club. It was the amazing feeling to see how a team of people put their extraordinaryideas on papers and gave a lot of people happiness.

Our cards are distinguished by their original design and creativity. Each one has its own story. Sometimes just a card is enough to make the best gift. We wanted our products to be viewed by more people and we could have extra income.

  • This market has intensified recently. What does make you different from other companies?

-It’s a pleasure to work at our club. We make each postcard with love. Everything is handmade and original. The quality of performance is more sophisticated. In addition, they are made by students and it is the source of income for them.

What is the process of making these cards and what are you offering to users?

– We have lots of different materials, paper cutters, stamps of different colors and designs, lots of colorful papers, which is mainly donations from our club friends. Each member of the club designs a card and then explains to others how to prepare a card.

-What is the need for your products?

– We have a webpage where the users contact us and orders various cards. Also, we sell them at various stores and flea markets.

– And what about your future plans – do you intend to expand or to show interest in other markets?

– In the future we plan to expand the production of our cards. We also plan to introduce national elements. We are going to find a company that will assist us in producing Georgian-language stamps. This will be interesting for tourists and guests. Maybe we will be able to open our own shop in the future, where we will sell various items.


Author: Natalia Jalaghonia

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”

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