Smart Wooden Ring by Georgian Students Makes Life Easier and Safer

Georgian students have developed a smart wooden ring that can make people’s life easier and safer.

“The idea came to us at our University. Campus has a system of permits. We wanted something that would replace the identity card for allowing us to enter the building. Thus, we created the first ring and its first function was about entering the hall,” – Nino Gvazava, one of the authors of the invention, has said.

The students melted different cards, placed the RFID tags into the 3D printed ring and then, using it made payments at various stores.

,,Cnick“ is a smart ring that is made of ecologically pure wood and enables customers to choose own rings’ design, the inscription on it and the relevant colors. In addition, it is the only ring that substitutes a user’s wallet and cares for the life of the owner at the same time.

#CNICK is the first smart ring that unifies a pass, a debit card and a seasonal ticket and enables users to enter various organizations and offices, including sports halls, cinemas, entertainment centers, with only one gesture, at the same time, the ring saves the medical information about the person – blood type, past illnesses, allergic responsiveness etc. This is very important and it means the Cnick can save a person’s life.

The startup ,,Cnick” participated in the international investment conference Seed Forum 2016 which was held on December 14 at the center for innovation and entrepreneurship (iHUB) with the support of the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Within the frameworks of the project the founders will be able to undergo trainings in Oslo, Norway in May and to introduce their idea to investors in order to obtain additional funding for improvement of the project and to make new connections.

Currently,,,Cnick” has not a payment function as it is required to undergo various certification processes with Visa and Mastercard  for mass production of the ring and it’s a matter of time. The startup is actively involved in this process and the ring will soon offer the function of payment.


Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

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