„Optio Al “- Virtual Financial Assistant by Georgian Young Inventors


Financial platform „OptioAl ” – developed by Georgian young inventors, is one of the successful projects of the “Start-up Georgia”. The projecthas become a winner of some international contests including  “Fincluders Startup Challenge”, held in Berlin where the team was awarded the “Most promising startup from EFSE region”.

“Doctrina” has interviewed one of the founders of the startup  -Shota Giorgobiani.

„Optio Al” platform offers a fairly simple, efficient and fun solution to financial problems. First of all, it is worth mentioning that the “Optio AI” consists of two parts :  so-called chatbot, a computer program designed to talk with, for instance,your family member or friend, and a web application, where you can get more detailed and in-depth analysis of your finances.

In order to provide consumers with effective and personalized advice, Optio-AI connects with their bank account through secure channels and analyzes the history of a given consumer’s financial data. Based on it, the user’s financial profile is created, which gives you detailed information about how much money you spend on a monthly basis, the stores and cafes you spend the most, and so on. According to Shota Giorgobiani,on the basis of this, the platform gives information about the future transactions, too. “step by step, we learn more about you and we start providing information about your estimated costs for the next week, next month and etc. Simultaneously, it helps us to assist you in planning and achieving your financial goals,” the founder said.

The idea of setting up OptioAI – the first Georgian finance chatbot, came about a year and a half ago, when friends, who now are the members of the “Optio Al” team, decided to create a tool for managing personal finances based on the analyzing the financial management methodology.

“Initially, we decided to create a Georgian product according to the Western analogues, but over time, we understood that due to the market size, setting up a just Georgian copy was pointless, therefore, the current product is designed for the global market and not only for Georgian one, because the management of personal finances is a universal challenge around the world.”

Optio AI” is currently undergoing internal testing, but in the nearest future, the number of people involved in testing will be gradually increased. The information and feedback received from them will become an indicator for the team to  achieve the desired goal and improve the product.

The team is also actively working with European partners to make financial and non-financial support from them and to properly select those countries where the product development will be the most interesting and productive.


Author: Tamar Devdariani

Translation: Tamar Tabatadze

 The Hall of Young Scientists & Analysts – “Doctrina”


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