Giorgi Mikanadze: A group of the senators, who support Georgia, is getting stronger in the US Congress


A reception was held at the US Congress, in Washington, D.C. within the frameworks of Georgia-US Diplomatic Cooperation, where the US Congressmen were awarded fortheir  special contribution to Georgia. Assistant Professor Giorgi Mikanadze, the Economic Policy Researcher, also published a post on the social network in connection with the event, which was followed by interesting comments and assessments. You can see the post and the comments below:

A group of the senators, who lobby and support Georgia and Georgians, is getting stronger in the US Congress. An essential part of the educated American society appreciate and recognize us. They appreciate us for our wine, bread, land, culture, history and are ready and committedto assist us in the future. Yes, they want to be proud of us and we have manyreasonsto do them proud. Any American, with whom I have had business relationship, wants to show affection to us, to say Georgian words and to recall something good about us.Neutral persons, who have not any diplomatic ties with Georgia, do the same. A lot of ordinary US citizens also appreciate us. They know, they have heard about Georgia, they have the emotions of compassion and want to know more about us. The efforts are very effective and fruitfulin this regard.

I personally congratulate each friend, who loves us beyond diplomacy, even if it is Russia. But I really see this interest in words, deeds of the US and I see that the US, as a country, loses nothing even if it does not have relations with Georgia and it does not have any “under interests” in Georgia.

Yes, friendship means to understand each other, to exchange relationships, to learn, to give something and get something.There are the knots of sympathy, love, support, dedication, and friendship here; this is what we call friendship.

Let’s don’t forget that the USA is the super state with whom Russia, China and many developed countries dream of maintaining good neighborly relationships and friendship. We know nothing about the scales of the US. A book, photos and statistics cannot describe it. You haveto see it yourselves, to observe it for some time orto simply believe it.

I wonderwhy amiddle level educated, state-minded citizen of Georgia should reject love and affection of this super state?!

Do not forget that the United States is a highly developed country. I know that many people in our society are concerned, I am sorry but these concerns are meaningless . If you are afraid of a “cultural washaway” amid globalization, let’s make our culture stronger, let’s strengthen our morality, protect people and their rights without discriminatory approaches. Do not think that globalization is something fabricated by someone. This is the part of the evolution that we, humans, have made by choosingwell-being, rationalism, greater access to relationships, high efficiency, etc. so, nobody can wash us awayin this case, but we will be the creators of the policy if we are united and  act reasonably.

America is built on the idea of ​​Christian morality and this energy will not give anyone the right to betray someone. A human being is the Creator’s idea and not the Creator is a human being’s idea. Consequently, caring for humansis the idea of ​​serving God and not caring for the God, invented by us, forgetting humans and the real God. Therefore, don’t worry about America’s ungodliness. Nobody can harm and hurt the absolute God. Let’s think about people and ask God to care for them, instead of thinking about God and lose people with their godlike nature during the thinking process.

Let’s improve and develop our wisdom in the management of state affairs, in the direction of the international arena, internal consolidation and  concentration.

Many similar good news for our country.

America is our great friend!

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